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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Hello again,

 Finally the day to present for Amy's September Soap Challenge - the Clyde Slide!

Here is my final entry photo - Arabian Spice - the Clyde Slide' technique  : )

I really enjoyed this! I also and in great anticipation to see everyone else's results.

 I have so much to learn and welcome advice from others that may want to share constructive criticism. 
 I wasn't sure of the best way to display my soaps. I like all of the bars and couldn't pick just one favorite so you get to see all of them!

I hope they pass for an entry   ... Thanks again Amy for this fantastic way to experiment and be learn so much for others! Thanks to  Clyde to for your demonstrations. 
Very well done both of you!

 I found a bunch of leaves in our yard that are already changing from our recent drops of temperature at night here in Kentucky.
I think we'll have a fantastic Fall color show this year since here in the central states we had plenty of rain. I wish we could share with the west coast!

These swirls remind me of watching clouds sometimes, I think I see faces or other designs. ?? 

Happy day to all of you! 

September 20th update

HI again -
My Arabian Spice batch has been aging few day now and finally the brown background is starting to develop more. Here is a photo from today.

The colors are showing more now. I have learned to allow more time for the Vanilla to develop color, at least with this recipe. Let the adventures continue ... !
I have so enjoyed this challenge and will keep an eye out for the next one. I  have learned a lot reading all you other soapers posts. Thanks for sharing!




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