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Monday, September 14, 2015

Hi Everyone,

 I am Eva Edmonds and I am a novice Soap Maker living in Kentucky.
I was introduced to my soaping adventures by a friend who invited me to a hands on soap making class in Clarksville TN. I LOVED it!
 Being more on the practical side I am drawn more to crafts that were useful, yet not terrible lengthy. No Quilt maker genes in me - but oh what skills Quilters have, the color blends, wonderful designs and practicality of a usable product one can enjoy.
Sooo, Here in soap making I can play with color, create imaginative patterns, and it's ok to be a bit messy too! All in a couple of days time (besides the curing) What's not to love? THEN  my family can use it and give it as gifts - Yay!

 So while I have only made 15 or so batches total over 3 years, I am ready to step it up a little.
I noticed Amy Wardens Soap challenges a few months ago, but couldn't bring myself to enter.

I have loved the examples and sharing of experience of Amy and Clyde and soo many other soap artists - Thank you for your wonderful and selfless inspiration!

This is the month!!! September 2015 Soap Challenge using the Clyde Slide. 
A big month of firsts for me. My first Soap Challenge, my first Pinterest Board, AND my first Blog attempt. Thankfully I do already know how to operate a camera & edit photos!  (Thanks EBay)

4 colors representing fall foliage colors. Green, Yellow, Orange, and Burgundy/Red.
I am using a scent with Vanilla ONLY in my uncolored batter to give the colors a nice brown background to (hopefully) stand out against. I will use the example Clyde of Vibrant Soaps used with a double sided pour.

So on the 11th I readied my 2 lb batch. Colors mixed, hopeful ideas of a pour sequence in my head, I geared up and passed the point of no return.... in goes the lye solution to the oils. Ahh the satisfaction of the whirring stick blender, and beginnings of saponification/ emulsion.
 So as soon as I am sure of saponification at a light trace, I separated my unscented batter into my color cups.
 I had chosen Arabian Spice fragrance by Brambleberry as a Fall scent to match my colors.
I didn't notice any acceleration from my fragrance. (Whew!)
 I was a little nervous and didn't notice until later that my color pours weren't exactly side to side but they still seemed to go ok. I chose my sequence a Green, Yellow, Orange, then Red. I wish I had made more Green, it didn't seem to go as far.
 My batter was thickening up - so the last couple of color shots were kind of clumpy and went  out of place in my rush to beat the clock. But all in all I am pleased I made it though the 'in the pot stage and am not ready to mold it.

With the translucent silicone the pattern swirl is visible enough to make me super excited to see the results! Ok ... the wait is on...

 The unveiling ...

I like this fragrance - a bit like a Gingerbread cookie only with a tad of clove and brown sugar.
I could see some vanilla browning on top where the loaf had more exposure to the air, but not much on the fresh cut. I am curious what changes a few hour of curing will bring. I REALLY want the color to darken for my challenge presentation.
Wait and see ...
I cut the loaf and set the bars so both sides can be seen in the order they were cut.
Very cool pattern!!! I have never tried the in the pot swirl before (another 1st : )  )
I like it a lot.
 Now I will have to choose one.

To be continued ...

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