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Friday, May 13, 2016

Great Cakes Soap Challenge ~ May Teardrop Technique

May 2016 Challenge ~ Teardrop Technique
hosted by Great Cakes Soapworks

Balloon Teardrop Soaps

I went through so many options for my Teardrop inspiration! I finally felt most inspired by Hot air Balloons ~ I have always loved the bright colors and designs. While I wasn't yet able to completely capture the way the stripes lay on Balloons, I really like how the Teardrop technique lends to the Balloon shape! 
Here's some of my inspiration:

 I did 2 batches that were very similar in that I used the same basic colors and scent. Both batches were close to 105 degrees.  I did a 2# recipe and used 3/4 oz of the Valencia FO. I really liked this fragrance! It is a super fresh Citrus scent with more Tangerine like notes. It may have sped up the trace a little tho ~ not terribly.

I attempted my first go at the teardrop and it appeared to be too flat. I think my mold was too deep and it felt awkward to me my first attempt. So since I had plenty of room in the same mold I chose to go ahead and stack another try on top. 
 I did not insulate this first one, so I don't believe it went through trace. 

This is what the loaf looked like before cutting.

Batch #2 

I wanted batch #2 to go through gel
, so I put my little cardboard molds in one of my wooden molds then covered the top also.

I did use more Ultramarine blue for the sky, but the other colors I used the same in the batter. Going thru Gel stage seems to have helped the colors pop more in this batch. Yay!

 Here is my Soapy Balloon Festival Pic! If you ever have a chance to see a real Balloon Festival ~ go for it! It is truly awesome, especially right at Sunrise with the sun lighting them up, or at night when the torches make the colors glow from within : ).

This Teardrop Challenge has been great fun! As always, thank you to Amy Warden for hosting this wonderful learning adventure! 
 I am always amazed and learn so much from all of you other wonderfully talented Soapers!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!
~ Eva