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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Great Cakes Soap Challenge ~ Location Theme Soaps

April 2016 Soap Challenge by Amy Warden of Great Cakes 

Location Theme Soaps ~ Oregon!

The Location I chose for my Soap theme is Oregon. Specifically Central Oregon, as this is where I grew up and really became part of me. I really miss the beautiful Cascade mountains, and the high desert! Not everyone realizes that East of the Cascade mountain range in the NW is very dry - 10" or less or rain a year average. Juniper and Sagebrush is abundant with vast Evergreen forests in the mountain range.
 I chose a scent blend that reminds me of when the rain would finally come on a hot day, hitting the hot sand, Sage, and Juniper. It was so wonderful and difficult to describe!

 Here is how I created my Soaps!
My entry:
Cascade Mountains
  Here are a couple photos that i borrowed features from. These are the mountains know as the "Three Sisters" and "Broken Top" is on the left in the bottom photo. The top one is within 5 miles from where I actually lived! I was a country girl, and am so happy I was!

 I used ingredients that remind me on Central Oregon. Sage powder, Illite Grey Clay, and Woodland Green Oxide, to mimic the colors of the Sage, Sand and Juniper. Juniper Berry, Juniper Leaf, and Mint for the Scents of the High dessert, and the common cultivation of Mint field and distillation. I added just a tiny amount of Honeysuckle and Frankincense for the scents i remember hiking at Smith Rocks State Park with the Sun warming the grasses and flowers in the springtime.

White was made with titanium dioxide, Blue skies with Cobalt Blue UM Powder. 
My plan was to have all 3 of the 3 Sisters Peaks, however, my Batter became super thick and my Sky had to be forcibly tamped into my mold, and I lost my middle mountain! It also created quite a few air pockets. 

All and all tho, I enjoyed making this Soapy memory of the place i still miss as "Home".
The scent blend really fits well, being is it 3/4 Juniper Berry, and the remaining 1/4 a blend of the Juniper leaf, and other EO's. The Sage powder added a slight scent too contributing nicely. 

 I look forward to seeing everyone's entries. I imagine you will have some terrific creations. 
Thanks again to Amy Warden for Hosting this fantastic learning platform!!! : )