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Friday, February 17, 2017

Great Cakes Soapworks February 2017 Challenge ~ CP/MP Soaps!

Great Cakes Soapworks Soap Challenge!
February 2017
Hybrid soaps with 
~ Melt & Pour in Cold Process ~

My Entry: True Colors 

 I mentally went through MANY ideas before settling on the color wheel concept.

Step one:     I chose the 3 primary colors ov Red, Blue, and Yellow. Then mixed them: Red/Blue = Purple. Red/Yellow = Orange. Yellow/Blue = Green. This gave me 6 colors to play with. The color embeds I made from clear MP from Wholesale supplies plus. Detergent free Clear.
Stained Glass liquid colorant was the coloring of choice for a clear color in the MP base.
The Blue and Yellow were fairly straight forward to get the color I wanted. The RED however, took way more than I expected to get a vibrant color. 
 This was fine for the red only. However, I soon found that due to the concentration of colorant in the red, it made it very dominant when mixing for the purple, and orange. I had to dilute the red with clear and add more yellow (for the orange), and more blue (for the purple). The Purple was really still to dark for my taste, but oh well. This was a learning experience in color mixology!!!

 Step 2     I had set up each MP color fairly thin and at an angle for a slightly uneven thickness. Next to cut smaller & fit into the mold. I used round cavity molds. To hold the color pieces in place I added a bit of melted, uncolored clear MP and poured into the bottom. 
STEP 3:  The CP recipe  was 65% Lard, 25% Coconut, and 10% Castor. This would give a white CP soap to set off the colors of the MP design. 

 Brambleberry has 2 scents I absolutely have been wanting to soap with. Karma essential oil blend, and Yuzu Cybilla fragrance. I created a 50/50 mix of the 2.  *** LOVE it!!! the Hippy Karma scent with the fruity Yuzu is so fun! It also behaved perfectly well and did no affect the white color ` YAY!
 I soaped the CP cooler than I normally would and it was 112 at pour. The cavity mold would keep it cooler too.
Here's a shot of the wet soaps in the mold, and all of the Soapy Color wheels  cleaned up for show!

I love how cheerful they turned out!

I love this Hybrid Challenge by Amy Wardens Soap Challenge club!
I had never combined these 2 medias before, and discovered a super cool way to get Creative with Soapy designs!
Thank you Amy for hosting this wonderful way to learn and grow! 
I can't wait to see everyone's soaps. What I've seen has been amazing already :)  :).

Have a nice day everyone!  ~ Eva