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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tall & Skinny Shimmy - Amy's November Soap Club Challenge

The Tall and Skinny Shimmy 
November Soap Club Challenge 

Hello everybody!
Fantastic to be back for another of Amy's Soap Challenge Club adventures. Hooray!

 This months challenge is the Tall and Skinny Shimmy, shown to us so beautifully by Tatiana Serko. I really appreciate her easy to follow instructions.
So after 2 tries with batter evidently not the right consistency, I finally had a bit of a shimmy in my 3rd batch, so that's what I went with for my entry. It's not as curvy as I had hoped, but hey, I had super fun with this anyway.
Here's my final entry photo. 

I used a wonderful essential oil blend called "Bliss" described as: "A feminine combination of natural jasmine, lavender, orange, rose and ylang. " it is divine! I used 1 oz EO for 2 lbs oils.
I wanted to choose a flowery color scheme with a pastel hue.
 Perhaps my batter was still too thin. I had even tried using using Pomace O.O. this time to see what would happen. I did hand stir each time with a whisk. In the future I may go for the stick blender, even tho I enjoyed not having to clean it by hand stirring! 


 Peppermint tree!
                             My husband actually like this one. He said it looks like a peppermint plant when held upside down. It also reminds me of a Pine tree. No shimmy, but I still like the different pattern. I only 
I had used white as an in-between for the other colors on both of my 1st and 2nd batches. In this Peppermint EO soap, it seemed to want to dance a little, but maybe the white layer diluted the pattern.  I'm not sure. My 3rd try I will only use the solid colors.  Also, I plan on using fewer layers.

Made to Measure - a more manly scent.
  Even tho I enjoy the river-like flow of this pattern, It's not a shimmy at all! --I think my batter was just toooo thin this time. I was worried it would start thickening more than it did. Even the Fragrance didn't seem to speed it up at all. The white sections did thicken up more making it look chunky in comparison.
 Oh well, I'll just have to make more .... and i'm not really to sad either, more soapy fun!
    I had a request for some more manly scents to choose from. I am super excited about this one. It is really fresh, yet woodsy, and soft at the same time. I chose colors as a blue gradient to try.

All and all, I REALLY like this technique!! It is amazing to me how much the thickness of the batter affects to pattern. I plan on experimenting more with the taller walls, pouring differently on purpose - just to see what happens. 
THANK YOU very much to Amy and Tatiana for a wonderful lesson and experience!
 I look forward to seeing every-ones imaginative creations! 
Happy day to all! ... Eva


  1. Eva you coped with the technique! Very nice soap!

  2. Thank you! You are a good teacher, and your demonstration made all the difference!~ I will definitely use this style more.

  3. Eva:
    I like all three! The Peppermint Tree is my favorite - very unique.
    The scent of the Bliss bar sounds so yummy!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Sly! I will be experimenting more with this type of tall mold for sure. If I can 'perfect' the tree look, I might make a Foresty scented one. : )

  4. Great job on all three! Each one has its own special uniqueness and pattern to it - very fun! Would LOVE to smell the Bliss bar!

    1. Thank you Amy! This has been such great fun - I had never used a tall mold before - love it! Yes the Bliss EO blend is even better as it is drying, not fading after 1 week at all. I can't stop sniffing it! Bliss Blend EO is from WSP. : )

  5. Great job! I wish they would figure out a way for us to smell through the Internet!

  6. Thank you Debi! I agree, to experience the awesome sounding scents everyone describes would be super. . ; )